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The first thing you should know is that both men and women can suffer from breast cancer. It is the most common cancer diagnosed in white and coloured women in South Africa, and the second most common in black women. Breast cancer can be frightening, but there is good news. Firstly, breast cancer is not always fatal. There has been a substantial in
While most people think obesity starts in childhood, it actually begins a lot earlier. Science now shows that it begins in the womb. If a pregnant woman is obese, the chances of her child being born already overweight is high. An obese or overweight child has a much greater risk of becoming an obese adult. They are more likely to develop diabetes,
By Dr T  Govender  South Africa is a very competitive environment. With a high unemployment rate and limited access to tertiary education, finding a place in a tertiary education facility is difficult. Places are awarded on exam performance. The better the results, the better the opportunity of selection. As a result, exams are a crucial
October 2018: Hospital infection prevention and appropriate antibiotic prescribing is being proactively addressed by the Lenmed Group. Ideally, infections should never be acquired during a hospital admission. Worldwide, healthcare acquired infections remain a major risk to patient safety, a risk which is exacerbated by the increasing number of
It is important to know what to do with your medication. The first thing to know is what medication you are taking and why you are taking it. If your doctor has not been clear enough, speak to your pharmacist when getting the prescription filled. Next, you need to understand how important it is to finish the entire course of any medication prescrib
For many years the idea that someone could die of a broken heart was ridiculed. After all, it was just an emotion, not an actual disease. However, broken heart syndrome, a.k.a. stress-induced cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy, is now a proven fact. It can strike even if you are healthy. Because the symptoms and test results are similar, br