Health Advice

Red heart on cardiogram with stethoscope atop

Lenmed on the Pulse: Understanding Irregular Heart Arrhythmias

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Important Facts About Vitiligo

Autism words surrounded by puzzle pieces

Autism Myths & Facts

Doctor holding stethoscope to the chest of a patient wearing a brown jersey.

What Causes Tuberculosis

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Do You Know These 10 Facts about Your Kidneys?

2 female doctors analysing a brain scan

Epilepsy: 7 Common Triggers

Group of woman holding out hands holding a pink cancer ribbon

Cancer: The Different Types

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Unlock Your Best Self: Embrace Healthy Habits This New Year

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Clear Mind, Fresh Start: Embrace the Benefits of Dry January

African woman applying sun cream to her shoulder

From Basal to Melanoma: A Closer Look at Types of Skin Cancer


How to Protect Your Mental Health from Holiday Stress

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Healthy and Delicious Festive Holiday Recipes

Bottle of SPF sun lotion on beach sand surrounded by sea shells

How does the sun and UV cause cancer?

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Diabetes Beyond the Basics: Uncommon Diabetes Symptoms You Should Know About

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Types of Heart Diseases

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Wellness of the Body, Mind, and Soul

African woman holding pink breast cancer ribbon

Breast Cancer Detection and What a Breast Cancer Lump Feels Like

African woman holding pink breast cancer ribbon

What to Expect During a Mammogram

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Complications caused by Diabetes: How it Affects the Body

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How to Perform a Breast Self-Exam

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How Healthy Eating Can Lower Your Risk of Developing Diseases

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Stroke First Aid: How to Help Someone with A Suspected Stroke


Types of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeries

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Common Health Issues Every Woman Should Know About

Happy Maternity Concept. Portrait of cheerful African American woman with long afro braids holding and hugging her small kid in diaper, enjoying pastime with lovely baby indoors, blurred backround

How a Lactation Consultant Can Help You Breastfeed Your Baby


How Does Stress Affect The Body?

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Most Common Types of Mental Illness


Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Men’s Health


A Guy’s Guide to Prostate Health

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What are the Types of Congenital Heart Disease?


Health Screenings for Women Ages 18 to 39


First Aid Care for Burns: What You Need to Know

heart health

Open-heart vs Closed-heart Surgery


Ketosis vs Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Support prayer

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?


Your Kidneys and Why it’s Important to Look After Them

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Ways to Treat High Blood Pressure If You Have Diabetes

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What is Glaucoma and its Risk Factors, Symptoms, Signs and Treatment?

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A Mom’s Guide to Gestational Diabetes

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What is Hypertension and How to Treat It

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The 3 Main Types of Cholesterol

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Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Cholesterol


Heart Failure Signs and Symptoms

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Mental Health and Cardiovascular Disease

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Diversity and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

HIV/AIDS - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

HIV & AIDS – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

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What’s the difference between radiology and radiation therapy?

African American woman playing with her adorable black baby

How are Premature Babies Cared for in Hospitals?

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Lifestyle changes to help control your diabetes

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Which Vaccines Should Be Given to Children

healthy food

7 Tips to create a healthy balanced diet

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The Importance of Mental and Emotional Health

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Lifestyle Tips for a Healthy Heart

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Diseases and Conditions That Can Be Treated with Stem Cells

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Cataract Awareness

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Things You Should Discuss with Your Gynaecologist

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Top Tips to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

African pregnant mother and mixed race son touching belly

The Importance of Early Pregnancy Detection

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What to Expect at Your First Gynaecologist Appointment

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Plant-Forward Eating: The Benefits of Incorporating Plant-Based Foods into Your Diet

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What Should You Know about the Malaria Vaccine?

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What is children’s palliative care and who provides it in South Africa?

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Improve Your Gut Health With These Foods

woman eating pomegranate

Living your Best Life – What does a Healthy Immune System have in Common with a Dragon?

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Testing for TB is Important

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Take Your Kidneys Seriously – You Only Have Two!

African America grandfather sitting at home with his grandson.

What is Hearing Loss?

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Prioritise a Healthy Lifestyle this Year

Dad playing with daughter on her back

Be Aware of Diabetes

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Breaking Down Diabetes Mellitus

standing pregnant woman observing her belly

Pregnancy Complications

sitting pregnant woman smiling down her stomach

What is Gestational Diabetes?

woman eating from a salad bowl

The History of Insulin and Diabetes

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Causes of Hypertension and What to Do about It

smiling male partner piggybacking smiling female partner

Causes of Hyperlipidaemia and How to Control It

Dr M Sebei

Mental Health Issues and Suicide are on the Rise

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Vaccines DO NOT Cause Autism

Happy Child smiling with arms in the air

What To Do If My Child Is Constipated

Fitness woman doing stretching workout

7 Steps to a Healthy Spine

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Protecting the Quality of Life for Sick Children: The Role of Palliative Care

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The Best Home Remedies for Common Winter Sniffles

Newborn baby boy sleeping with his father on bed

The Truth About Colic

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Understanding Heart Arrhythmia

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The Health Benefits of Donating Blood

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Cancer Treatments and How they Affect your Body

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How tobacco damages the body

Daughter feeding Father a cherry

Four Dangers of Hypertension

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Burns Awareness: How to be First-Aid Ready at Home

child hand washing by the tap

How Handwashing has Saved Lives through the Ages


5 Things You Need to Know About Malaria

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How Do You Know You’re Having a Heart Attack?

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A Guide to Traumatic Brain Injury

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The Link Between Diabetes and Kidney Disease

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How Do We Lower Our Cancer Risk?

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Back to School Safely and Healthily

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Your Digestive System: The Importance of a Healthy Gut

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How to Avoid Getting Skin Cancer While Soaking Up Vitamin D

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HIV/AIDS: How to live a normal life

Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit

A Journey Through our Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit

Boy washing his hands at a tap in a bathroom

Handwashing needs to become a fundamental part of our lives

black people, travellers, wearing face masks, standing outdoors

The Face Mask: Your Breathing Friend and Filter

Beat stress boost immunity

Beat Stress to Boost Immunity

food labels

Putting a Label on Health and Nutrition

breathing techniques

Take a Breather: Breathing Techniques for Managing Stress and Anxiety

african baby sleeping

How Does Having Another Child Affect Your Family?

African father and son play with toy blocks on floor

TB Truths and Myths

three girls smiling on their bicycles

Protecting your Head from Concussion

portrait of happy family smiling

Demystifying Kidney Dialysis


The Mind-Body Connection and its Impact on Physical Health

African woman punching a punch bag

Beating Cancer at its own Game

girl child writing in her book

Back-to-School: Help your Children to Cope with Stress

healthy colourful lunchboxes display

Colourful Lunchboxes are the Healthiest

Dad playing with daughter in the bed

21-Day Happiness Challenge

Prevention of Injuries for the Elderly

Prevention of Injuries for the Elderly

teddy bear in child car seat

December Holiday Safety: a Guide to the Emergency Holiday Kit

woman looking onto her shoulder with a beach as a background

Ensure Complete UV Protection

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Living with HIV/AIDS

Women pointing her finger while winking

Diabetic Eye Disease


Safe Weight Loss – Why Dieting FADS Are Not FAB

Don’t Take Your Eyes for Granted

Don’t Take Your Eyes for Granted

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The 20 Most Vital Things You Need To Know About Strokes

muslim woman holding her left bicep

Understanding Breast Cancer

daughter kissing mother on cheek

Cervical Cancer: What You Need to Know

5 healthy heart habits

5 Healthy Heart Habits

heart-shaped fruit and vegetable basket with heart-shaped sethescope

Love your heart with all your heart

African family dancing in their living room

How to Maintain a Healthy Spine

What is bone marrow and how

What is bone marrow and how does it play a role in our bodies?

Healthy parents raising healthy children

Healthy parents raising healthy children

mother, daughter and granddaughter smiling

7 healthy habits a mother can teach her daughter

smiling african woman sitting on chair

6 common health risks for women – awareness, prevention & treatment

When to Take Your Child to Hospital Immediately

When to Take Your Child to Hospital Immediately

portrait of three women smiling

7 things Madiba taught us about healthy thinking

african couple hugging with sunset background

5 of the most challenging mental illnesses and how to manage them

7 tips for a healthy work life

7 tips for a healthy work life

The Truth about Vitiligo

The Truth about Vitiligo

Youth Day

Youth Day – time to be young, care-free and drug-free

Dealing with Malaria in 2019

Dealing with Malaria in 2019

Woman taking a breath

TB Truths and Myths

Blood saves lives

Blood saves lives!

african man smiling while sitting on a bench

7 Factors men should know that will affect their health

Choking Emergency

The Heimlich Manoeuvre: What to Do in a Choking Emergency

Dealing With Burn Wounds

Dealing With Burn Wounds: What Every Parent Should Know

The risks of smoking and how to quit

The risks of smoking and how to quit

child blowing out bubbles

How to Cope with an Allergy to Bee Stings

Heads Up on Head Injury in Children

Heads Up on Head Injury in Children

medical check-up

The importance of a medical check-up

7 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

7 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Smiling couple romantically looking at each other

Six Essential Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Lifestyle Factors That Will Benefit Your Health

Seven Lifestyle Factors That Will Benefit Your Health

The Truth about Postpartum Depression

The Truth about Postpartum Depression

african woman stretching in the gym

6 Ways to Lose Your Holiday Weight Properly

Back to School Healthy Nutrition for Children

Back to School | Healthy Nutrition for Children


Dealing with Depression During the Festive Season

woman rubbing lotion on her shoulder

Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Cancer

students laughing and hold hands

The Truth about AIDS

three toddlers laughing with backpack on

The Truth about Immunisation


The Truth about Malaria


Diabetes is a Lifestyle Disease


Lenmed High Blood Pressure Quiz

doctor holding bpm tester with fruits and vegetables on tables

The Truth about High Blood Pressure


The Truth about Lifestyle and Heart Disease


How to Beat Bullying

women holding cancer ribbon on left side of the chest

The Truth about Breast Cancer

women eating tomato from salad bowl

The Truth about Obesity: It Starts in the Womb

woman studying with headphones on

The Truth about Stress and Exams

assorted pills in doctor's hands

What to do with Your Medication

woman reaching out to hold a hand

A Broken Heart – How Emotions can Damage Your Heart’s Health

portrait of happy family

Happy Family, Healthy Family

What’s So Great About Blood Anyway?