Lenmed Baby

New life is a wonderful thing!

Having a baby can be both exciting and overwhelming. Here, Lenmed provides supportive care and information for mothers-to-be.

We are here to support and assist you during this wonderful and exciting time, ensuring that your experience is as comfortable as possible for both you and your baby.

Our unit managers and nursing staff are always available to provide support and guidance regarding physiological and psychological changes you may go through.

So, look forward to the special moments ahead, we are here to make your birthing experience a safe and memorable one.

All Lenmed moms and babies are offered:

  • A Baby Bag filled with Essentials*
  • Vaccination Schedule and Baby Card
  • 1st Vaccination
  • Ante-Natal Services
  • Lenmed Baby Booklet

*Please enquire at your hospital about our Baby Bags.

Maternity Unit Tours

Maternity Unit tours are available at all Lenmed Private Hospitals. Please contact the hospital’s Customer Relations Officer or Nursing Services Manager for more information.