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Happiness is a result of good mental health. In fact, your health depends on your happiness to a far greater degree than most people realise. Good mental health is essential in maintaining good physical health and your family plays a crucial role in keeping each other mentally and therefore physically happy. Isn't health simply a matter of diet and
The Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre in KwaZulu-Natal has a state-of-the-art Paediatric Centre with a 15-member paediatric team representing 11 specialist disciplines. It is the only private health care facility in KwaZulu-Natal that offers Paediatric Cardiac Surgery. The Paediatric Team Dr Vinesh Moodley A highly experienced, veteran paediatric
The cold days, weeks and months of winter can turn anyone into a couch potato. Despite your best intentions, staying indoors and keeping warm is far more appealing than...well, almost anything. However, after four months of winter hibernation you may find your mental health starting to suffer. The depression that sets in over winter is a very real
There are times when you're just not coping. There may be a crisis at work that never seems to end or tough times in your personal life that just seem to go on forever. Frustration, irritation, anger and stress are often symptoms. Usually though, once the crisis has passed and you've been able to take some time out and relax you find you are able t
We tend to say that we are anxious, stressed or depressed interchangeably. In terms of a clinical diagnosis though they are three completely separate things. Not all of them require medication for recovery. So, what is the difference? Depression Depression is when, no matter what your circumstances, you are constantly sad. You can't shift it and th
It is simpler and easier than you think to be an everyday superhero and literally save lives, while lying comfortably in a chair. Want to know how? Donate blood. Only 1% of South Africans are regular blood donors. To be on the safe side the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) needs to receive 3000 units of blood a day from donors. Did you