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We tend to say that we are anxious, stressed or depressed interchangeably. In terms of a clinical diagnosis though they are three completely separate things. Not all of them require medication for recovery. So, what is the difference? Depression Depression is when, no matter what your circumstances, you are constantly sad. You can't shift it and th
It is simpler and easier than you think to be an everyday superhero and literally save lives, while lying comfortably in a chair. Want to know how? Donate blood. Only 1% of South Africans are regular blood donors. To be on the safe side the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) needs to receive 3000 units of blood a day from donors. Did you
The Lenmed Group is proud to announce that Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre & Shifa Private Hospital have both been selected among the Top 20 private hospitals in the country. Considering a count of 140 private hospitals throughout South Africa, this achievement is indeed an honour and a true reflection of the values and ethos we embrace eve
Men’s Health Month is in June. The fact that there is awareness around men’s health must mean it is an issue. Did you know? In South Africa TB affects significantly more men than women. There are over 9-million new cases a year and at least 1.5-million people die from the disease. It is now the world's leading cause of death even over AIDS. To prev
Why is blood critical for life? If need be you can have a machine breathe for you, clean out your kidneys, keep your heart pumping or even transmit audio waves into sounds your brain can hear. But you can’t have a machine make blood for you. Blood is extremely valuable. Every human has almost 5 litres of blood coursing through their bodies. It form
Hospitals Caring for Communities  The Lenmed Hospitals are deeply rooted in the historical landscape of Southern Africa. They have provided exceptional and affordable private care to the communities they serve for over three decades. The Hospital Group’s story began during South Africa’s troubled times of Apartheid, in 1984, when the first Len