How You Can Prevent Stroke
November 11, 2021
What Happens When You Are Having a Stroke
November 11, 2021

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Recovering from stroke is a gradual process. Rehabilitation is an important part of your recovery, and can help you to adapt to any physical problems that you may have developed as a result of the stroke.

The purpose of rehabilitation

The purpose of rehabilitation is to regain as much independence and confidence as possible. You might not be able to do exactly what you did before having the stroke, but rehabilitation can assist with relearning how to make the best possible use of your body. Many people make a full recovery, but others can be left with permanent disabilities. It is therefore important to set realistic goals and learn new ways of doing everyday activities.

How long does rehabilitation last

It is difficult to say exactly how long rehabilitation will take. Your rehabilitation programme will be tailored according to your individual needs and will change as your condition improves.

What to expect from rehabilitation

Rehabilitation usually happens in the same hospital where you were initially treated for your stroke. Alternatively, you might go to a special rehabilitation hospital or facility, or a rehabilitation specialist will come to your home.

The following people may be involved in the process:

Nurse – will help you with daily care, such as taking medications, bathing, dressing and toileting. Until you can manage on your own.

Physiotherapist – will teach you special exercises and techniques to improve your muscle control, balance, mobility and walking.

Occupational therapist – can help you improve and make the best use of your physical and mental abilities in everyday life. This includes relearning daily tasks, such as dressing and cooking. They may also give you special equipment, such as hand-rails on the stairs or in the bath, to help you.

Dietitian – will help with the choice of foods for swallowing problems. They can also help you to plan healthy meals to control your weight, cholesterol levels or any dietary problems that you might have.

Your family’s role

Your family has an important role to play in your rehabilitation. If you have lost your independence, it could mean that your family might have to look after you. This can sometimes upset family life, and everyone must take time to adjust to this. Instead of avoiding emotions, rather share them with each other and try to continue with life in a positive way.

Your role

It can be tough trying to understand why you have had a stroke and you may feel depressed about the changes in your body. Do not be afraid to ask your rehabilitation team and family for advice. Try to maintain a positive attitude and do as much for yourself as possible, as this will allow you to become more independent. However, do not overdo things, be patient with your progress and carry out tasks at your own speed.

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