Application for New Surgical Product / Medicine

In order to maintain quality patient care, manage costs effectively and accommodate the number of new products/services entering the South African market, Lenmed has adopted a process of product and service standardization.

This process starts with suppliers introducing their product or service to the Procurement Department. Please complete the product/service application form in accordance with the guidance given below. Your application will be responded to within 60 days and a notification sent to you whether it has been approved or declined for discussion within Lenmed facilities.

Additional information may be required prior to finalizing the decision. Should any new product or service be introduced into a Lenmed facility without being approved by the Procurement Department, payment will be withheld until the proper process has been followed.  

Application notes: 

  1. Please complete only one submission per product range or type of service offered.
  2. The completed application form and supporting documents should be emailed to for processing.
  3. The subject line of the application should state: New Application and the type of commodity/ medicine. Examples: New Application – Surgical Consumable (syringe); New Application – Medicine (antibiotic)
  4. Please allow 60 days for your application and supporting documentation to be reviewed.
  5. If no feedback is received within 60 days, please escalate to the Head of Procurement: Surgical & Pharmaceuticals ()