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What to Expect During Your Pregnancy
January 1, 2021
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Preparations for Your Stay
January 3, 2021
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Pre-Admission Procedure

In this section we have useful information about what is involved in booking your stay in hospital. You can pre-book as soon as you have an expected due date for the birth of your baby. We ask Moms to complete their booking by 28 weeks.


These are available on request from the accounts department at the Lenmed Private Hospital of your choice.


Moms-to-be are requested to pre-book their stay at the hospital. This will ensure a quick admission process when you are due to deliver. Please make your bookings by 28 weeks.

Private patients

Please bring:

  • Deposit according to type of delivery and period of stay.
  • Identity document for the patient as well as for the person responsible for payment of the account.
  • Identity document of partner

Medical aid patients

Your baby should be registered with your medical aid as soon as possible. This is the responsibility of the principal member and will ensure that payment is covered with medical aid should further treatment be required.

Please bring:

  • Your valid medical aid card
  • Pre-authorisation reference from the medical aid
  • Identity document of the patient and principal medical aid member
  • Your employer’s postal address and telephone number
  • Your levy if applicable
  • Identity document of partner

Please note that:

Patients will only be admitted through referrals by the doctor.


Doctors are not contracted or employed by Lenmed. All specialists working at Lenmed Private Hospitals operate independently. Each doctor has his/her own time of visiting patients. Please communicate with your doctor should you feel uncomfortable about anything.

Book your hospital stay now

Please make your pre-admission booking for having your baby by 28 weeks. This will ensure a fast and efficient admission process when you are due to deliver.

Maternity Unit Tours

Maternity Unit tours are available at all Lenmed Private Hospitals. Please contact the hospital’s Customer Relations Officer or Nursing Services Manager for more information.