Woman Showing Vaccinated Arm With Bandage After Injection, Blue Background
About the COVID-19 Vaccine
May 11, 2021
Female doctor vaccinating senior male patient
After Vaccination
May 11, 2021
Woman Showing Vaccinated Arm With Bandage After Injection, orange Background

The Vaccine Rollout

The Government is the sole purchaser of the vaccine and distributes it to both public and private healthcare facilities. Government is sourcing, distributing and overseeing the rollout of the vaccine.

Government procures available stocks from different manufacturers. Therefore, there are multiple vaccines in the programme. However, people cannot be vaccinated with two different vaccines.

The vaccine is being rolled out in phases:

Phase 1: Vaccinations for frontline healthcare workers (completed and now rolled into phase 2)

Phase 2: Vaccinations for persons over 60 years. A special phase was implemented for teachers and those who work in schools, arranged by the Department of Basic Education. Vaccinations for persons aged 50-59 is under way. Vaccination for 35-49-year-olds will be administered from 1 August 2021.

Phase 3: Further rollout to be announced.

The vaccination system is based on a pre-vaccination registration and appointment system. All those vaccinated are placed on a national register and provided with a vaccination card. A national rollout committee oversees the vaccine implementation in both the public and private sectors.


Everyone who wishes to have the vaccine must be registered on the Government’s Electronic Vaccine Data System (EVDS).

How to Register:

Visit the government self-registration portal using one of the following options:

You will need:

  1. Your ID number or Passport (non-RSA)
  2. General contact information (your cellphone number will be used as the primary mode of communication)
  3. Information about your employment (primary employer and location of work)
  4. Where relevant, your professional registration details
  5. Where relevant, your medical aid details

With all information at hand registration should take approximately 2-3 minutes.

At Your Appointment

  1. Bring your SA ID document with you. Your ID will be scanned and verified prior to your vaccine being administered.
  2. Bring your medical aid card whether you are at a public or private site
  3. Your consent will be verified
  4. You will receive your vaccine in your upper left arm
  5. You will be required to wait for 15 minutes at the site to monitor your response to the vaccine
  6. You will be required to wear a face mask throughout the vaccination process
  7. You will be required to sanitise your hands regularly
  8. Your vaccine will be recorded in real time on an electronic database linked to the National Department of Health

If you are being vaccinated at a Lenmed hospital, complete online screening before your Lenmed appointment. Click here https://www.lenmed.co.za/visitor-screening/

Who Will Pay for Your Vaccine?

The vaccine will be covered by your medical aid scheme when provided at a private facility. You cannot pay cash for the vaccine. There will be no charge when provided by a public facility.

If you do not have medical aid you will need to register and visit a public facility, where your vaccination will be provided at no charge.