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Ahmed Kathrada Private Hospital Commences Rollout of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine

Image Caption: A proud moment for Ahmed Kathrada Private Hospital as it begins vaccinating its frontline healthcare workers. Commencing with long-serving nurses Srs Jikki Pillay and Emma Dichabe who have been caring for patients at the hospital for 37 years. (From left) Hospital Manager Rodney Naicker, Hospital Nursing Manager Magda van Vuuren, Sr Jikki Pillay, Sr Emma Dichabe and Lenmed CEO Amil Devchand.

Lenmed’s Ahmed Kathrada Private Hospital in the South of Johannesburg proudly joins the first group of private hospitals nominated by the National Department of Health (NDoH) to be a vaccination site. The facility was chosen based on its capacity for and history of successfully treating the most COVID-19 patients in the province to date.

As part of the national vaccination rollout strategy implemented by the NDoH, Ahmed Kathrada Private Hospital will only be vaccinating its own healthcare workers and those of two defined private facilities in its immediate vicinity. Healthcare workers who work on the frontline in COVID- 19 areas of the hospital and perform high risk procedures will be prioritised due to the limited quantity of vaccines available. Vaccinations are not open to the general public at this stage.

“This is an extremely encouraging time for our healthcare workers who have been at the frontline, fighting relentlessly against COVID-19. Our first two valued healthcare workers to be vaccinated are our longest serving employees, both of whom have been with us for 37 years, a fitting way to continue our journey together in overcoming this pandemic”, stated hospital manager, Rodney Naicker.

Lenmed CEO, Amil Devchand added that “Our healthcare workers, including our nurses, doctors, allied healthcare professionals and all outsourced and support workers, have displayed extraordinary commitment, strength and self-sacrifice, in some of the darkest times, to our patients, their family members, our communities and each other, which has made a difference in so many lives. It gives me incredible joy to witness them receiving their vaccines and this, for our people and for me personally, represents an extremely positive step towards overcoming this pandemic”.

The Lenmed group proudly owns and manages 13 hospitals in three African countries, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique.

For further information please contact our Group Marketing and Communications Manager at michelle.naidoo@lenmed.co.za.